donderdag 27 mei 2010


School assignment earlier this year, to design an interior/furniture for a bookstore. It's the first thobenenminten project where we worked together on the design.

woensdag 26 mei 2010

Ahhh Poes

Super sweet cat Sjuul (Julius), who was very happy with my new second hand wool blanket from Aabee.

Punches (stempels)

These are designs for punches, I designed them in combination with our logo.
To give it a more low-profile, nice, cosy and comical feel.

Find of the day

Beautiful lighting by Ana Kras, a young Serbian designer.
The first lamp is the Hyvelamp, the others are bonbon lamps and the nudeltable.
Discovered at the Lloso blogspot.

New Logo - Thoben & Minten

This is the new logo that my friend en I made, for our co-operation.
Working together and separate under one name.
It's about connecting things, us as designers, clients and us,
ideas and solutions, etc. So that explains the rope...

Sneak Preview

The first photo's of a (nearly) finished bed; The Snug.
It's my final exam for the class furniture design.
In a couple of weeks my last days in school are over!